New Books and Materials

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B O’R     Bill O’Reilly         Killing Reagan






623 R     Joan Ricart         Land, Sea, & Air : The Ultimate Book of Military Machines.

641 B     Jack Bishop        The Complete America’s Test KitchenTV Show Book 2001-2010.

643 B     Robert J. Beckstrom      Ortho’s Home Improvement Encyclopedia.

940 S      Kathleen Saal    In the Land of Hummel.

973 P     Trudy-Griffen Pierce     The Encyclopedia of Native America.



 Easy Juvenile Books

EJ CO     Stephen Cosgrove          Humpity Dumpity.

EJ SE      Dr. Seuss            My Book about Me.

EJ SL       Joseph Slate      Who is Coming to Our House?






Juvenile Books

J AGN    Lorraine Agnew               Melissa the Magnificent.

J ALA                     Aladdin.

J AND    Elizabeth Anders             Storybook Treasury for Girls.

J BAH     Amy C. Bahr      Your body is your own : a book for parents and children to read together

J BAL      Rita Balducci      Barbie : The Pyramid Adventure.

J BAR     J M Barrie           Peter Pan.

J BAU    L Frank Baum   The Wizard of Oz.

J BER      Stan Berenstain               The Berenstains’ B book / [byStanley and Janice Berenstain].

J BJO      Esther M. Bjoland           Parade of Stories.

J BRO     Jeff Brown         Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures: The US Capital Commotion.

J BRU     Nick Bruel           Bad Kitty for president / NickBruel.

J BUR     Frances Hodgson Burnett            The Secret Garden.

J CAL      Stephanie Calmenson   Arthur’s Good Manners.

J CAR     Mary Carmine  Daniel’s Dinosaurs.

J CHI      Mio Chizuru       The timelight stone / illustrated by Ayako Nagamori

J CHR     Eileen Christelow            Jerome camps out / written andillustrated by Eileen Christelow.

J CHR     Per Christiansen              Dinosaurs : Learn About Earth’sPrehistoric Creatures.

J CLE      Andrew Clements          The Mouse Family.

J CON    Fleur Conkling  The Bingcity-Bangcity School Bus.

J COS     Stephen Cosgrove          Billy Goats Gruff / retold byStephen Cosgrove ; illustrated byWendy Edelson.

J CUR     Eileen Curran    Life in the sea / written by EileenCurran ; illustrated by JoelSnyder.

J DAL     Jenny Dale         Hattie and Henry.

J DAV    Barbara Davoll  Christopher and His Family.

J DAY     ElphinstoneDayrell         Why the sun and the moon live in the sky : an African folktale / illustrated by Blair Lent.

J DAY     DrewDaywalt    The day the crayons came home / illustrations by Oliver Jeffers.

J DEL      Daniela De Luca               Lizzie the Elephant : A Peek intoGod’s Amazing Creature.

J DIS       Disney. Beauty and the Beast : TogetherForever.

J DON    Timothy S. Donehoo      Goldilocks and the three bears / illustrated byMarcelo Elizalde.

J EAR     Kristin Earhart   The Magic School Bus Comes to ItsSenses.

J EGA     Kate Egan           The magic school bus fights germs / illustratedby Carolyn Bracken.

J ERI       John R. Erikson Hank the Cowdog : The Case of the Missing Bird Dog.

J EST      EleanorEstes     Ginger Pye / Eleanor Estes ;illustrated by the author.

J FAT      Louise Fatio       The Happy Lion.

J FRA     Unknown            Why did the chicken cross the road?

J FRE      Claire Freedman              Dinosaurs love underpants / illustrated by Ben Cort.

J GIB      Margaret Gibson             My Adventures in Birthday Land.

J GIF      Patricia Reilly Giff            December secrets / Patricia Reilly Giff ; illustrated by Blanche Sims.

J GOR    Sharon Gordon                Dolphins and porpoises / illustrated by June Goldsborough.

J GRA    Lisa Graff            The Thing about George.

J GRU    Johnny Gruelle                My First Raggdy Ann : Raggedy Anna and Andy and the Nice Police Officer.

J HAR     Roger Hargreaves           Hippo Potto & Mouse.

J HAR     Roger Hargreaves           Hippo Leaves Home.

J HEL      Emma Helbrough            Bears.

J HER     Gail Herman      Scooby-Doo! : the school playsurprise /;illustrated by Duendes del Sur.

J HEY      Carol Heyer       The Christmas Story.

J HOL     John Holladay  What’s Wrong at the Country Fair?.

J HOL     John Holladay   What”s Wrong at the Beach?.

J HOO    Gwendolyn Hooks          The mystery of the missing dog / by Gwendolyn Hooks ; illustrated by Nancy Devard.

J HUG    Francine Hughes             Monster in the garage / adapted by Francine Hughes from an episode by P. Gaffney.

J HUG    Francis Hughes The Swan Princess.

J JAM    Kathleen Lehigh James Feelings A to Z.

J JEU      Gallimard Jeunesse        Night Creatures.

J JIN       Sarunna Jin        My first American friend / illustrations by Shirley V. Beckes.

J JON     Chuck Jones      Daffy Duck for President.

J JOR      Apple Jordon    Tinker Bell : A Fairy Tale.

J KAN    Victoria Kann    Pinkalicious / illustrated by Victoria Kann.

J KES      Liz Kessler          Philippe Fisher and the Fairy Promise.

J KIN      Jeff Kinney        Diary of a wimpy kid : Rodrickrules / by Jeff Kinney.

J KIN      Dick King-Smith                Funny Frank.

J KLE      Rhonda Klevansky          Big Cats.

J KLI       Suzy Kline           Horrible Harry moves up to thirdgrade / by Suzy Kline ; pictures byFrank Remkiewicz.

J KNI      Margy Burns Knight       Talking walls : the stories continue illustrated by Anne Sibley O’Brien.

J KOD    Elizabeth Koda-Callan    The Silver Slippers.

J KOT     William Kotzwinkle         Rough weather ahead for Walter the farting dog / illustrated by Audrey Colman.

J KRE      Gregory Kreikemeier    Come With Me to Africa : APhotographic Journey.

J LAN     Ace Landers      Darth Maul’s mission / by AceLanders ; illustrated by DavidWhite.

J LEV      Leslie Levine     The Princess and the Goblin.

J MAC   Patricia MacLachlan        Sarah, plain and tall / by PatriciaMacLachlan.

J MAH   Margaret Mahy               The seven Chinese brothers / byMargaret Mahy ; pictures by Jean and Mou-Sien Tseng.

J MAN   Fran Manushkin              Walt Disney’s 101 Dalmatians : acounting book / by Fran Manushkin ;illustrated by Russell Hicks.

J MCD   Megan McDonald            Stink and the Midnight Zombie Walk.

J MER    Nancy E. Mercado          Tripping Over the Lunch Lady andOther School Stories.

J MIL      Amanda Miller What Does the President Do?.

J MUN  Robert N. Munsch          Kiss me, I’m perfect / RobertMunsch ; illustrated by MichaelMartchenko.

J PAR     Barbara Park     Junie B. Jones has a monster underher bed / by Barbara Park ;illustrated by Denise Brunkus.

J PAR     Peggy Parish     Amelia Bedelia.

J PAR     Herman Parish Bravo Amelia Bedelia!.

J PAU    Gary Paulsen    Tracker / by Gary Paulsen.

J PEA     David Pearl        Music from the Original MotionPicture Shrek.

J PEN     Sara Pennypacker           Clementine’s Letter.

J PER      Charles Perrault               Puss in Boots.

J PLA      Richard Platt      Spiders’ secrets / written byRichard Platt.

J RED     Tennant Redbank           Barbie in the 12 dancing princesses/ based on the original screen play by Cliff Ruby & Elana Lesser.

J REX      Michael Rex      You can do anything, Daddy /Michael Rex.

J ROG    Fred Rogers       The new baby / by Fred Rogers ;photographs by Jim Judkis.

J ROG    Fred Rogers       Making friends / by Fred Rogers ;photographs by Jim Judkis.

J ROG    Fred Rogers       Going to day care / by Fred Rogers; photographs by Jim Judkis.

J ROG    Fred Rogers       Going to the hospital / by FredRogers ; photographs by Jim Judkis.

J ROG    Fred Rogers       Going to the doctor / by FredRogers ; photographs by Jim Judkis.

J ROG    Fred Rogers       Moving / by Fred Rogers ;photographs by Jim Judkis.

J ROG    Fred Rogers       Going to the potty / by Fred Rogers; photographs by Jim Judkis.

J ROG    Fred Rogers       When a pet dies / by Fred Rogers ;photographs by Jim Judkis.

J SCH     David M. Schwartz          Where in the wild? : camouflaged creatures concealed– and revealed: photos by Dwight Kuhn.

J SCH     Martin Schwabacher     The magic school bus flies with the dinosaurs / illustrated by Carolyn Bracken.

J SEU     Dr. Seuss             Yertle the turtle and other stories/ by Dr. Seuss.

J SEU     Dr. Seuss             I can lick 30 tigers today! : andother stories / by Dr. Seuss.

J SEU     Dr. Seuss             Thidwick, the big-hearted moose /written and illustrated by Dr.Seuss.

J SEU     Dr. Seuss             Did I ever tell you how lucky youare.

J SEU     Dr. Seuss             Happy birthday to you! / by Dr.Seuss.

J SEU     Dr. Seuss             If I ran the zoo / by Dr. Seuss.

J SEU     Dr. Seuss             If I ran the circus / by Dr. Seuss.

J SEU     Dr. Seuss             On beyond zebra / by Dr. Seuss.

J SEU     Dr. Seuss             Horton hatches the egg / by Dr.Seuss.

J SEU     Dr. Seuss             Horton hears a Who! / by Dr. Seuss.

J SEU     Dr. Seuss             The cat’s quizzer / by Dr. Seuss.

J SEU     Dr. Seuss             I had trouble in getting to SollaSollew / by Dr. Seuss.

J SEU     Dr. Seuss             McElligot’s pool / written andillustrated by Dr. Seuss.

J SEU     Dr. Seuss             Bartholomew and the oobleck /written and illustrated by Dr.Seuss.

J SEU     Dr. Seuss             Dr. Seuss’s sleep book.

J SEU     Dr. Seuss             The king’s stilts / written andillustrated by Dr. Seuss.

J SEU     Dr. Seuss             Fox in socks / by Dr. Seuss.

J SMA    Irene Smalls      The alphabet witch / by IreneSmalls ; illustrated by KevinMcGovern.

J SNY     Margaret Snyder             Zak and the Beanstalk.

J SPY      Johanna Spyri   Heidi.

J TAT      Suzanne Tate    Harry Horseshoe Crab : a tale of crawly creatures /illustrated by James Melvin.

J THA     Mike Thaler       The Bully from the Black Lagoon.

J TIR       Jerry Tiritilli        Look and Find Heroes and Legends.

J TUL      Virginia Tull        Look and Find Disney’s Pocohontas.

J VAL     Rob Valois          R2 to the rescue / adapted by RobValois.

J WAB   Bernard Waber                Lyle at the office / Bernard Waber.

J WAB   Bernard Waber                Funny, Funny Lyle : and More abouttLyle’s Mother.

J WAL    Robb Walsh       Kingdom of the Dwarfs.

J WAL    Bill Wallace         Goosed! / Bill Wallace ; drawingsby Jacqueline Rogers.

J WAL    Bill Wallace         The dog who thought he was Santa /Bill Wallace.

J WAR   Helen Ward       The dragon machine / written byHelen ward ; illustrated by Wayne Anderson.

J WHI     E B (Elwyn BroWhite    Stuart Little / E. B. White ;pictures by Garth Williams.

J WIL      Chuck Wilcoxen               Niccolini’s song / Chuck Wilcoxen ;illustrated by Mark Buehner.

J WIL      Lynn Wilson      What’s out there? : a book about space

J WIL      Dr Paul Willis    Dinosaurs.

J WIN    Natasha Wing   The night before first grade / byNatasha Wing ; illustrated byDeborah Zemke.

J WIN    Henry Winkler  Hank Zipper : The World’s Greatest Underachiever.

J WRI     Sally Ann Wright              A Child’s Book of Prayers.

J YOL      Jane Yolen         How do dinosaurs get well soon? /Jane Yolen ; illustrated by MarkTeague.

J ZIO      Gene Zion          Harry the Dirty Dog.







Middle School Books

MS BA   Blue Balliett       Chasing Vermeer / by Blue Balliett; illustrated by Brett Helquist.






Young Adult Books







DVD C   Movies Code Name Dancer/ Catch Me a Spy.

DVD F    Movies Five People You Meet in Heaven.

DVD H   Movies Heat on the Street : 10 Film ActionPack.

DVD L    Movies Lifetime Movies Collector’s Set.

DVD P   Movies The Planets.

DVD W  Movies Westerns.






Adult Books and Materials

F ALB     Mitch Albom     For one more day / Mitch Albom.

F BRO    Rita Mae and Sne Brown             Sour Puss : A Mrs. Murphy Mystery.

F DOE    Anthony Doerr All the light we cannot see : anovel

F EDW   Kim Edwards     The lake of dreams / Kim Edwards.

F GRI     W E B Griffin    The traffickers / W.E.B. Griffinand William E. Butterworth IV.

F KIN     Stephen King    Doctor Sleep : a novel

F KOO   Dean Koontz     Lightning/ The Face of Fear/ TheVision.

F KOO   Dean Koontz     Strangers/ The Voice of the Night/The Mask.

F LEE      Harper Lee         Go set a watchman / Harper Lee.

F MCL    Ron McLarty      The Memory of Running.

F PAT     James Patterson             Guilty wives : a novel