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 The Webmaster says;

This is a service to the White Haven Area Community to alert our
members, citizens and other viewers to the most recent scams, phishing expeditions, spying, and Identity Theft issues on the world wide web.  We will also post other beneficial information for our members, members of the community and our faithful web-page viewers.




A New Scam

Text Messages are a new method to get you to give the bad guys your information.

Do not fall for this!  You will receive a text message usually from Google or a bank that there is a problem with your account.  They will ask you to send them your verification number.  Never send ANYONE your verification code.  This is how the bad guys get your information and then use it to establish a line of credit, withdraw money from your accounts and generally have a great time on your money.  I repeat, NEVER SEND ANYONE YOUR VERIFICATION CODES, PASSWORDS OR OTHER SECURITY INFORMATION!


Phone calls and e-mails are coming to you from bad guys trying to steal your personal information!

Phone calls from people with foreign accents claiming to work for Microsoft will ask you to install a program so they can fix your computer.  This is a scam.  Simply hang up on them and be safe.

E-mails and phone calls from another group of ne’er do wells who state that your E-Z Pass has not been refilled and they need to verify your credit card information.  This too is a scam.  Hang up on these bums as well!

Are you curious about recalls?  Would you like to see if a product or vehicle you own is on a recall list?




A warning from Metrocast for their customers and many of our users, viewers and members:
















 To learn more

From the good people at LifeLock and with their permission;

Jean Chatzky With Identity Theft Protection Tips

Jean Chatzky is a consumer finance expert and LifeLock educational adviser. She has some helpful tips on taking action to help better protect yourself from identity theft.

Read More by Clicking Here …

NSA spying?  Forget them.  Worry about Google first!

Spying and Data logging?  Don’t worry about the NSA, Google is far worse at collecting your data, shopping and browsing habits.  Here are some hints and tips to end it.  Stop Google.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission

Are You concerned about a product you just purchased?  Do you have a baby’s crib that seems a little wobbly?  Do you need information about a law or regulation?  Then the Consumer Product Safety Commission is the place to go.

Are you looking for information about a Recent Recall on an item?

Would you like to know if a Crib is Safe for your child?

Do you need safety information about a tool or other product?  Then the CPSC Safety Education Center is where to go.

Do you need to check for statistics or do research on a subject?  Then check out Research & Statistics.

Look into the Regulations, Laws & Standards covered by the CPSC.

Need help with a product or service, the Contact the CPSC.



The latest phishing expedition;

If you get this picture to pop up in a window while you are on the internet and it starts to tell you to call a number, (yes, it plays a recording)! Please do the following;
1. Do not click the picture or call the number.
2. Shut down the computer, wait one minute, then restart the computer.
3. Run a full and thorough virus scan.
4. Run a full and thorough malware scan.

This should take care of the problem.

This is not from Microsoft.  These people are criminals.  They only want your information.  This is an attempt to get you to let them into your computer.  Once you let them in, they will steal all of your information for banking, credit cards, social security numbers and other personal information.  This will allow them to open accounts in your name, borrow money or open credit card accounts with your name.  They will drain your bank accounts.  You could even lose your home.









E-mail Scams

No African prince wants to give you money!

No lawyer wants to give you money!

Nobody wants to give you money!

They just want to take your money if you’re foolish enough to help them!

Do not fall for these E-mail scams.